So yeah, my account got hacked. I suppose I should be angry but it actually taught me some discipline. See I’ve been inching along not doing too much in the way of starting my business for real. This experience happened to jolt me into gear. I kind of feel bad that all of their hard work was for naught. But here is to new chapters.

Couldn’t tell you how committed I will be to this cause, but I can say I don’t like people using my good name for spam and bad vibes. It looked as though the hacker who we will call Mr. Hack had intended to spread the good in with the bad. They had useful information in their blogs but who knows where it linked to. All I can say on that is I think I might be done with using WordPress. Seriously contemplating #weebly. Being too lazy to download the hashtag plugin and positive that did nothing for SEO and everything to make me happy using the HashTag!

I think I disabled all my plugins that would allow comments but if not feel free to leave one here.